Manyuchi Dam and Mwenezi River, twin beauties who have lost their allure?


Manyuchi Dam in Masvingo is a beauty but seems to be losing her allure. Located within the viccinity of Mwenezi River and once a bustling tourist attraction known for happy campers, the dam now seems to be deserted. Erratic rainfall in recent years has not helped much, some sections of the once massive river have become so dry that we were able to drive through them with ease while the dam looks forlorn. In fact, we were told by people in the area that some of the islands that are visible in this photo were once submerged. Photo by Matilda Moyo.


I believe all is not lost. She is still, by most definitions, a large dam and there are still some lovely spots that holiday makers can enjoy. Perhaps all she needs is a little rebranding and some serious marketing. Photo by Matilda Moyo.


Inside Mwenezi River. These photos were captured as we drove through some dry parts of the river. Advice to travellers – don’t try this during the rainy season, the rocks are slippery. Photo by Matilda Moyo.


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