The Egg Rock

Egg Rock.jpgAptly named “The Egg Rock,” this uniquely shaped imposing rock looks like a huge  egg. It can be found in The Giants’ Playground at Chiremba Balancing Rocks in Epworth on the outskirts of Harare city. Photo by Matilda Moyo.


Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Part 5: Impala


The final installment in this brief series on Zimbabwe’s beautiful wild life is the impala. This is probably one of the most commonly spotted wild animals in the country.

You may be wondering why only herbivores and just one of the animals from the big five were included in this series. Well we’ll reserve the carnivores for another day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short virtual tour of Zimbabwe’s fauna.
For more information about the impala see:

Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Part 4: The Giraffe

Giraffe_MMToday’s offering is this portrait of a young giraffe, photographed at Bushman’s Rock. I hope you are enjoying the virtual tour of Zimbabwe’s diverse wild life. Of course nothing beats seeing the real animal so I hope you’re inspired to visit Beautiful Zimbabwe at some point. Photo by Matilda Moyo. To learn more about the giraffe see:

Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Part 3: Bulky Bovine the Buffalo


Yet another photograph of Zimbabwe’s rich and diverse wildlife, as promised. This bulky young buffalo was captured at Bushman’s Rock in Ruwa, on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe.

For some reason, he decided to cover his eyes with his ears. We’ll leave it to the experts on animal behavior to tell us why the buffalo chose to behave in that manner. There’s plenty of room for speculation though. Maybe he was shy and wanted to hide from the glare of cameras. Or perhaps he just needed a nap. Or it could be to keep the flies from his eyes. Or, maybe he was playing blind man’s buff with the other buffaloes that were not captured in this picture. Or maybe he was debating whether or not to gore one of us and which unfortunate individual to gore. So he was probably asking himself: “To gore or not to gore? That is the question.” Whatever the reason, only the buffalo knows and since we don’t speak his language, we may never find out. Photo by Matilda Moyo.

To learn more about buffaloes, visit:

Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Part 2: The Zimbabwean Zebra


As promised, here is the second installment of photographs celebrating Zimbabwe’s diverse fauna to mark World Wildlife Day. Zebra can be found at most game parks in different parts of Zimbabwe. This zebra family was captured at Bushman’s Rock in Ruwa, on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe. Photo by Matilda Moyo.

To learn more about World Wildlife Day, visit: and to find out more about the zebra, read: